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Simply Profound

A simple solution is a thing of joy.  A simple solution that makes a significant and life-long change for the better in the life of an individual, a community and a country is, well, extraordinary.

And yet, Sweet Dreamzzz™ offers a simple approach to alleviating the multiple negative effects that plague our kids, schools, families and our every day lives.  That simple solution is sleep.

 In the next few pages you can see how Sweet Dreamzzz is bringing the opportunity for better, more restful sleep to poverty-level school children.  More than 40,000 children have received sleep education and bedtime essentials from Sweet Dreamzzz over the last 11 years.  We need your help to continue.

The Solution is Simple.  The Solution is Sleep.


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Better sleep is available to everyone. On our News & Events page you will find a selection of insightful articles about the importance of sleep for all ages, and practical ideas to help you get better rest.

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